Looking for a free online grammar checker?

First, grammar checker is a program, it verifies text and words for grammatical correctness. Most often is a Grammar check part of a larger program, but also as an application and can be used within text programs.

This is something we don’t often think about as most of us are used with the auto correct on our phones when we are texting, writing essays, really anything that includes writing on devices which mostly correct spelling mistakes, capitalizing letters etc.

The earliest “Grammar Checker” program was called Writer’s workbench that checked punctuation and style inconsistencies, in the 1970s. The program included “diction” and “style” tools and this was based on pattern matching, checking wordy and misused phrases and provides suggestions to improve writing of texts. It also analyzed the writing style of a text and performs a number of tests on the text to later give statistical information about the text. In 1981 Aspen Software released a version of diction and style tool called Grammatik, Grammatik continued to develop. There were more programs that started as diction and style checkers but eventually became more advanced. Grammar check today includes a much more accurate style suggestions, grammar suggestions, and spelling error.

Today we have a grammar checker built in on our phones, laptops and other electronic devices that have anything with editable text. Not only is a grammar checker built in on our phone but there are various apps that provide the same help as a grammar checker do, both for free to download, in-app purchase or purchase. There are also programs available to download on the laptop too as well as free websites available online, free grammar check. The online grammar checker is popular among many students for checking essays and similar assignments and text. It is easy to access for anyone working with a text and want to double check or maybe learn. There are many grammar checker services out there such as; grammarcheck.com grammarly, grammarix.com, reverso.com etc.