Free Address Lookup

Free address lookup to know Who lives Where. Knock! Knock! Who’s There? And ridiculous jokes follow. People have been trying to ask since ages to make a good joke and prove their valorous humour but with time the old joke has become boring and insignificant to the neo modern generation. Why has it become insignificant? Has anybody wondered? Well, hadn’t it been for technology the joke would be still raging a few laughs at poker tables and next-door pubs. Technology has made it possible to finally answer ‘Knock! Knock! Who’s There?’ with a significant and valid answer. Address lookup has become easier than ever before.

Don’t believe what we say?

Ask ‘Whitepages’ or ‘People Finder’, the internet’s some of the few free address lookup residents. Their reverse address lookup search engines would throw up not only information about the residents of a particular address but also significant historical data including criminal history associated with a particular address. If you want to run a free address lookup on a particular address and their contact information, here are a few websites currently active that can help your cause.

➢ Peep Look Up: Hosted at, Peep Look Up is one of the premier find address search engines that can cough up all the current and former addresses of an individual if you have a ‘name’ or their ‘phone number’. Funny as the name goes, the perfect search engine for the Peeping Toms.

➢ Any Who: Any Who can be of significant help to find the address of any particular individual that you are searching for if you can provide the, with the ‘first name’, the ‘last name’ and the ‘ZIP code’ of the person you are trying to find.

➢ Whitepages: Well, Whitepages take the game a notch higher up than the rest. Their reverse address lookup can not only give you the information about the current residents but also information about their neighbours, criminal history associated with the address, contact details of the current residents and as much as if the owners have a gun permit. Robbers beware (LOL). Jokes apart you can access their services at

➢ Addresses: True to it’s name, the website hosted at is the best that you can find that has remotely got just about anything and everything to do with any particular address. They swing both ways, i.e., both finding an address using a name and ZIP code search as well as finding out ‘Who’s There?’ if you just have an address.

➢ Spytox: Feeling a little secretive as on a mission? Want to rekindle the childhood ‘Spy Kids’ emotions? Well can help without much ado. As easy as running a free address lookup using a name, phone number and email. As simple as that.

There are several other databases online which boast of more than 275+ million addresses on their list. All you have to do is search and find an address. Knock! Knock! Who’s There? If you can’t search for it, well, the joke is on you.