Enable Cookies

Many websites requires cookies to be enabled for their functions to work. Cookies are usually used for websites to remember that you’ve logged in, geographic location, customized ads or to store personal preferences. Cookies, third-party cookies are often used to track behaviors across different websites, most web users disable third-party cookies.

How to enable cookies

Safari — open a safari browser. On the top left click Safari, go to Preferences and on Privacy to enable and manage cookies and website data. On iPhones, go to Settings, scroll down to Safari, under the title privacy & security it’s possible to enable cookies.

Chrome — open a Chrome browser and click the “customize & control”, the button with three dots. Go to Settings, search on the search bar “cookies”, scroll down and select site settings, click on cookies, there you can manage your cookies settings. To enable cookies in Chrome for Android start by opening chrome, go to More menu at the top right, select Settings, then Site settings and lastly go to Cookies to choose your preferred cookies settings.