Block Ads Now!

Every time you open a website, there are multiple ads coming your way. The more you try to shut them down the more they keep coming. It is hardly the case where you open a website with no ads. The experience is just so annoying. Sometimes you would be sitting with kids, and some annoying ads will pop up in your face.

In order to overcome the issues of ads, developers have come up with Adblockers which are quite hot in the market at the moment because everyone wants to get rid of those annoying ads. You can find AD blockers in the form of extensions or apps for your desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. These ad blockers will allow you to have a cleaner and safer experience of the web without any unnecessary and disturbing ads.

We have created a list of benefits that you get from getting yourself an Ad Blocker so let us look at some benefits in detail.

1. It makes your browsing safer

Nothing on the internet is safe anymore with the hackers buying up advertising space on some popular websites. Hackers are using the adverts to send some malicious virus your way so it is better to avoid all the ads which are where the ad blocker helps and gives you an ad-free website that would reduce the chances of becoming a victim of hacking.

2. It stops ad servers from tracking you

Servers that send those ads towards you don't only do that. They also keep an eye on all the things that you are doing and gather all your personal information and sells it to other advertising companies that will send more ads towards your way. Ad blockers block the server from tracking your movement on the web.

3. It makes your pages load faster

With the ad blocker installed your server will charge the actual web pages more quickly. Just like you, your server will be concentrated on providing you with the actual content that you were looking for instead of loading high images and encrypting texts of the ads.

So this way you can play your games without too much interruption too.

4. It makes your data plan last longer

More than half of your mobile data is taken up by the ads. By blocking the ads, you can increase the time span of your mobile data and make it last longer.

So when you surf online - make sure there are no ads and use an ad blocker!Adblock plus is an example website!